OSS 2021
Wed 12 May 2021

Open source software (OSS), playing an increasingly critical role nowadays, has been commonly adopted and integrated in various software products. For many practitioners, selecting and adopting suitable OSS can help them greatly. Though many studies have been conducted on proposing OSS evaluation and selection models, a limited number are followed and used in the industry. Meanwhile, many existing OSS evaluation tools, though providing valuable details, fall short on offering intuitive suggestions in terms of framework-supported evaluation factors. Towards filling the gap, we propose an Open Source Software Project Evaluation and Selection TOol (OSS PESTO). Targeting OSS on Github, the largest OSS source code host, it facilitates the evaluation practice by enabling practitioners to compare candidates therein in terms of selected OSS evaluation models. It also allows in-time Github data collection and customized evaluation that enriches its effectiveness and ease of use.

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